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Where Should Sellers Focus Their Attention for Repairs?

Posted: November 29, 2017 by Rebekah Holten

Repairing every room can be overwhelming, time-consuming and extremely expensive, so if you are looking to fix up your house a bit before the big sale, consider these “hot-spots” as things to fix!

1.       Thermostats

Test your thermostats and if they are broken make sure to replace them prior to showings.

2.       Septic Tank

Emptying your septic tank during a showing will definitely be a deterrent for potential buyers.  Get the septic tank emptied at least two weeks prior to the sale or showing.

3.       Water Pressure

No one enjoys a slowly, dripping shower so check your water pressure.  A good test is to run the dishwasher, washing machine, sink and shower all at the same time.  If the water pressure isn’t good, consider getting a bigger hot water tank.

4.       Heating and Cooling

If this doesn’t work properly, the buyers will often ask for a credit for a whole new system, so make sure to test your heating and air conditioning systems.  If the systems are 8 years old or more, there is a higher chance that something will go wrong or you will have to replace something.  Also change your filters at this time and make sure the units and visible ducts are extremely clean.

5.       Leaks

Inspect all of the faucets in your house- inside and outside- above and below countertops- to make sure everything is working properly.  If not, it is an expensive fix that can make a huge difference in if your home will get sold or not.

6.       Electrical Panel

Obviously you don’t want to do any major overhauls of your electrical system prior to selling, but dusting off the cobwebs, rust, and mildew, can keep things looking nice and working effectively.

7.       Hot Water Heater

One of the first things buyers and their inspectors look at is the hot water heater and if there is rust or leaks.  Beat them to the bullet by checking ahead of time and replacing them.

8.       Plumbing and Sewage

Drano® may become your best friend before the sale.  Check to make sure all of your drains are working properly and that the drain lines are clear.  Flush them and run water in several sinks and flush several toilets at the same time.  This is a great way of checking out your house’s main drain line and the buyer’s inspector will most likely be performing these tests, so you may as well know about them prior!


If you need any more advice on preparing your home for selling, please contact you and I can tell you the best places to focus your time and money on repairs prior to the sale. 

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