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Make Sun Valley your Ski Destination for 2018 Main Photo

Make Sun Valley your Ski Destination for 2018

Posted: November 15, 2017 by Rebekah Holten

Sun Valley has quite the reputation among serious skiers and that reputation is one that is well-earned. Known as “the birthplace of destination skiing,” Sun Valley has set the standard for what destination skiing should be. You may be wondering how a place with a name like Sun Valley could possibly be the ski destination of 2018. We’re glad you asked because it gives us an excellent excuse to list our favorite ski qualities of Sun Valley, Idaho.

1.       Sun Valley offers a little something for every type of skier and snow boarder.

Between Dollar Mountain and Bald Mountain’s 3400 vertical feet and 2,000 acres of varied terrain, every skill range can find a place to find their ski bliss.


2.       If you’re looking for authentic ski culture, you’ll find it in Sun Valley.

Sun Valley is about skiing. It isn’t about being flashy or the pretentious attitudes that would intimidate potential visitors. Sun Valley is common ground for every ski enthusiast. Instead of the one-size fits all style resorts, you’ll find real mountain lodges. Instead of big box stores, you’ll find real ski-shops that cater to the needs of real skiers.


3.       Authentic does not mean decaying.

Sometimes when a reviewer writes words like “authentic” they are using tricky language skills to beautify what they really see---which is an old, ramshackle, worn-out building. We’ve all had it happen. But that’s not the case here. Sun Valley has benefited from the renovations of many classic restaurants and resorts. Included in these renovations is the 50 million dollar Sun Valley Lodge!


4.       Sun Valley doesn’t rely on its reputation to keep people coming.

When Sun Valley first hit the ski scene, Hollywood royalty like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn solidified this location as a hot spot. However, instead of indignantly asking to the unknowing guest, “Don’t you know who I am?” Sun Valley insists on running a tight ship and pursuing excellence in every category of service. Lifts are always in peak service. The trails are always well-maintained. Lodging, dining, and service is always top notch at every location. All of this commitment to excellence ensures that Sun Valley’s reputation is as well-maintained as their trails. It doesn’t hurt that the potential to sharing a chair lift is still a very real possibility either!


5.       If you can still walk after a day of excellent skiing, Sun Valley can still offer you a nightlife.

As varied as the trails, Sun Valley has a watering-hole for every type of epicurean. If you’re looking for a local dive bar where you can party like a local, then the Casino Bar or Cellar Bar are the places for you. If you’re looking for a little more sustenance than pub food and alcohol, than the Grill at Knob Hill should be at the top of your list. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Sun Valley has it.


From beautiful trails and its lack of crowds, Sun Valley has everything that you would want as a skier. Everything that you are in search of as a vacationer is covered by the nightlife, spa options, and culture of the community. If you aren’t convinced that Sun Valley should be your ski destination this year, maybe you aren’t looking for a ski vacation at all.


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